Learn 5 Things To Look For In Your Immigration Lawyer

Having the right immigration lawyer can make or break your case. The right attorney can win your battle in court, and the wrong one can mean having a judgement ruled against you. That might mean you personally being deported or jailed, and in the worst cases married couples who love each other and even families with children can be broken up, with no chance of them ever being fully reunited on American soil. Sadly, some are sent back to their home country only to face retribution or the very dangers, risks, and persecutions that drove them to the United States in the first place. Equally tragic are those that are driven out of the country due to simple technical matters or paperwork errors in their visa applications. Here is the link for more iniformation http://www.mvwlawoffice.com.

In all these cases and many more, you need an immigration attorney that not only understands the laws, but the processes, and even the politics of the matter. Keep reading to learn 5 things to look for in your immigration lawyer:

1) Someone up-to-date: Young professionals straight out of law school are unfortunately the ones most likely to be up-to-date with every point of the current law, and ones that have only been in the working field a few years are still most likely to be keeping up with relevant law publications and journals. However, they might not be that experienced in the real world. The best thing to do is to find someone who has significant actual experience but also keeps up with the academic side of things so they know every fine point, nut, and bolt that might matter in a realm of highly technical matters. Three years of experience or more is a good place to start, although anyone who has been practicing for more than a decade is likely still around because they know what they’re doing.

2) Someone bilingual: Many, although not all, immigration cases revolve around citizens from Latin America, so someone fluent in Spanish can be a plus. The ability to communicate clearly with their clients is essential, and sometimes, the client involved in the case might not speak English well or at all, so they might not even have a chance to understand what is going on. If the lawyer is not personally fluent in another language, then having translation services available is a big plus.

3) Someone who wins: Immigration lawyers are like any other legal professional in that those that win get the most business. They’ll either let you know, or be proud to tell you when you ask.

4) Someone who charges accordingly: Some immigration cases are complicated affairs that cost a lot of money for preparation and execution. Others, such as simple individual hearings, might not need so much work. Make sure they are flexible based on how much work they’re actually doing. Some immigration attorneys won’t charge if they lose.

5) Someone who can fix things: In the end, you don’t need a lawyer that can just win the next legal round or keep someone in the States another few months, you need someone that can arrange a permanent solution.

When you find any possibilities that exhibit three or more of these 5 factors, strongly consider them as your potential legal representation as you deal with the federal government regarding your residency issues.