A Look At Tom Krol

A Look At Tom Krol And His Methods

Investing in real estate is an exciting way to make money, but you might not think it is available to you because you have to invest so much capital and make repairs and renovations to each property. There is a way that you can make a ton of money in real estate without having to put up any money of your own. You don’t need capital and you don’t need to make repairs. Read on to take a look at Tom Krol and learn how to make tons of money in real estate.

Tom Krol teaches a workshop called Wholsaling Inc where you will learn in just 30 days how to make a big profit with wholesaling real estate. This class teaches you everything you need to know so you are ready to make some huge profits with your wholesaling activities.

Real estate wholesaling is unique in that you don’t need to put up money or actually buy a house. You don’t need to spend time renovating properties and putting them up for sale again either. All you need is to know techniques that will help you know what the real estate trends are and help you locate people who want to sell their houses.

You locate people who want to sell a home and then you buy it from them. Typically, you want a home that needs repairs and that can be flipped or torn down so a newer, more expensive home can be built on the lot. You might find a home that is worth $150,000 in its current condition but could be worth $350,000 when it is renovated.

You set up a purchase contract with the seller with a clause that allows you to transfer your purchase contract. Then you find a new buyer, preferably and investor or developer and sell them the contract at a nice profit of at least $10,000. You don’t have to buy the house or flip it, just sell the contract.

The Wholesaling Inc course shows you how to find homes that the seller might want to sell and it shows you how to do contracts and find developers. You learn a wealth of valuable information in this course and when you take a look at Tom Krol, you can see how he has helped thousands of people run their own businesses and make lots of money.