Would You Like To Write For Us?

Our blog is still on the hunt for guest blog writers. As you can see, we’ve got lots of content in the business niche, and we are always looking for new content that is relevant to our blog site. If your business niche blog is seeking an extra exposure through publishing to other platforms, we could be your partner on that. Give us a call now so I can give you our rules in submitting your contents.

We are accepting guest post’s for the following topics


Affiliate marketing
HR, social media
Small business technology
Customer service
Women business concerns
Health care reform
Business Ideas
Buying/Selling websites
Driving traffic to websites
Search engine optimization
Creating awesome websites
Blog design features and functionality
Creating information & digital products
Making money from websites, blogs & forums
Web Designing and Development


It has proven time and time again that guest blogging can help your web site reach more audience. Sharing well written articles on various sites gives you great publicity to your own site. The owner of the blog where you published your articles can have his audience view your website, resulting for additional traffic. They frequently also publish the content on social media which drives much more traffic. The search engines like it when websites link to one another too, so obtaining more links from websites such as this one will give you a boost in the search engines and aid you drive more organic traffic. The contents you published in the blog should be of similar theme of contents of your website. If your website is in the business niche for example, you would like to have guest blog articles on other business websites and blogs. Search engine may not like your blog if you submit contents not relevant to your site. Example, a real estate website has nothing to do with you niche. You may include in your content submission a video or pictures relevant to your site. This is all great content for the search engines and will make your guest post much more successful.


Guest blog contents can be outsourced to an individual whose writing ability passes your standards or personally write for us then submit the content as guest blog writer to site like who are continually searching for contents. I Need Articles is one of the websites offering content writing services at a good cost.


We’ll send to you the blogging guidelines after you call us utilizing our form. You can then start today submitting your contents. Don’t forget that we do not accept low quality contents. It must be 750 words in length. Our platform can feature guest author, if you’d like to be featured, just tell us.